Welcome at Project Green Smiley!

What is it?

Project Green Smiley is an initiative for a clean nature, where everyone can participate.

When we go into nature, we want to enjoy our time. Nothing should bother us, especially no trash lying around. So if we see any, we take our waste bag and dispose the trash instead of leaving it. This helps to keep the environment clean, so the next ones can find beautiful instead of littered places. It's just as simple.

If everyone collects at least one piece of trash every day - and many people participate - our favourite places will soon be perfectly clean.

How does it work?

Now it's time for you. Show your commitment to stand up for nature to everyone. It's possible every day - on your way to work, during lunch break, at hikes, tours, ... there are lots of opportunites. Just start!

As a virtual „reward“ there's the Green Smiley . Sign up on this page to earn your first Green Smileys.

For each day you help to clean our nature, you receive one Green Smiley. If you organize a trash collection event or participate at one, you receive 20 Green Smileys each.